Why use Phil Wieloch?

Do you have questions on retirement, wealth management, life insurance? Talk to Phil today about all of your options by emailing him at pwieloch@cfsbd.com or calling (860) 664-0333  

Are you in the retirement redzone?

For those of you who are not familiar with the term "redzone",  it is a football term having to do with the last 20 yards to the goal line. In life it refers to the last few years before retirement and the first few years after you have retired. Issues of income, insurance, social security, taxes, and relocation are just some of the concerns you may have. 

Have you recently lost a loved one, spouse or relative? Do you have questions on inheritance issues?

Life changes as a result of inheritance or wealth transfer can be frightening without the advice of a financial professional who can help you make those tough decisions regarding risk, income, time horizon, and taxes. How to include charities, heirs and those with special needs to name a few. 

Thinking of consolidation of your assets, retirement plans, mutual funds, annuities, life insurance, college funds, trust accounts, savings accounts or CD's? Wouldn't it be convenient to view these in one consolidated statement monthly or even daily if you wish? I meet many people who are receiving so many different statements that they don't even know what they have anymore. We can fix this easily by using a system called Albridge Systems. You can receive consolidated statements and will know where your money is.

Have you recently been laid off or lost your job?

You might consider rolling over your retirement money into an IRA. This helps you maintain control of the assets of your plan, the custodian, the investment menu, the solvency of the company you just left, etc. Most importantly you would have the opportunity to stretch the IRA to your family or heirs when you are gone with a roll over IRA. 

Are you, your spouse, child or loved one getting a settlement soon?

The decisions you make with this money can effect the rest of your life. To help compartmentalize this money, Talk to Phil today about all of your options. 

Are you planning to divorce or know someone going through a divorce?

Do not think any old divorce attorney will do. In as much as a good attorney is worth the money, there are usually other assets reguiring a QDRO (Qualified Domestic Relations Order) that have to be split up. Many times an attorney may not even tell you that a QDRO  is necessary to help obtain assets.  Consulting a financial planner is a smart move before, during and after the divorce.

Do your financial questions get answered quickly and thoroughly?

It's important to have good communication between you and your broker. You may have questions about losses in your retirement plans or future investing. Phil will be there for you. 

Being an independent broker and affiliated with an independent broker dealer firm, we can help find a company and a product that is best for you.

Talk to Phil today about all of your investment options today by emailing him at pwieloch@calton.com or calling (860) 664-0333.