Do I need Life Insurance?


Why do you need life insurance?
Over the years I have never put a lot of energy into life insurance sales. I have had my life insurance license for nearly 20 years and sell it when people request it or periodically when someone is interested in protecting someone or something. Why is that I ask myself? Lets see, you would think everyone would agree that they need life insurance however when approached most people cringe at the subject and subsequently side step the conversation. Others just flat out say they are "all set". Typically "all set" means they have it already, they can't afford it (they think), they don't want to pay for it, or they just don't want to talk about it. Life insurance should be looked at least every 4 or 5 years as our lives change rapidly and so do our insurance needs. Guess what, life insurance is not for YOU. It is for the people you love. Talk to a life insurance rep today to look at all your options! Heck talk to me about it, I am local, I am knowledgeable and likeable. Phil Wieloch, (860)664-0333.